Dosage and usage instructions

- Dosage:

The prescribed MONTHLY dose of Milax depends on one’s age and medical condition.

A. Children below 15 and persons using the tonic for prevention only should drink 1 liter of Milax, over the course of 1 day, following the usage guidelines below.

B. Kidney patients and others who cannot consume large quantities of liquids per day (due to reduced kidney function, dialysis etc.) should drink 3 liters of Milax, over a period of 6 consecutive days – i.e. 0.5 liter each day, following the usage guidelines below.

C. Adults with other medical conditions should drink 3 liters of Milax over a period of 3 consecutive days – i.e. 1 liter each day, following the usage guidelines below.

- Usage:

The DAILY dose of Milax should be taken between two meals (preferably breakfast and lunch). Begin drinking the dose 30min after eating, and have your next meal no sooner than 30min after you have finished drinking Milax for the day.

The daily dose (which is 0.5 or 1 liter depending on your condition) should be divided into 5 parts, to be taken an hour apart each. While drinking the dose (in between two meals), do not eat anything!

e.g. Your daily dose of Milax is 1 liter.

- Additional instructions:

1) Before drinking, heat Milax to room temperature.

2) For Milax to have a maximum effect, avoid foods high in animal protein and fats (e.g. meat, eggs, dairy) on those days when drinking the tonic.

- Important:

-- After you have taken the prescribed dose of Milax (over a period of 1 to 6 days, depending on your condition) it takes 28 days for the tonic to complete its effect on your body. To determine the exact effects Milax has had on you, we recommend doing blood tests before using Milax, and repeating these tests 28 days after you took your last dose of the tonic.

-- If your condition has not been covered in these general guidelines, please contact the Krunic Herbal Pharmacy for additional information.