Milax: Other stories


Bosa from Trebinje (63) phoned us for advice: her blood level of creatinine was 840 and her urea was 26. Doctors recommended she undergo dialysis - we suggested she give Milax a try first. Two months and two doses of Milax later, Bosa phoned again to tell us that her creatinine level had dropped to 280, and that her urea level was 12. From then on she has been using one bottle of Milax a month, saying that she prefers that to dialysis treatment three times a week.

Željka Ivanović from Valjevo (39) was diagnosed with an adrenal gland tumor in 1994. Although benigne, the 3x5cm tumor disrupted her hormone levels and kidney function, among other things causing her creatinine, urea and ALP blood levels to soar. Undergoing no other therapy, Željka opted to try Milax, and consitently took one bottle a month for three years. Near the end of this period, she began suffering from kidney pain and eye inflamations. After two months of this, as it turned out, painful cleansing, Željka went for a CAT scan in preparation for her long-awaited operation. It turned out, however, that there was no need for surgery, because the tumor had dissapeared.

Elena Prokić from Niš (57) heard of Milax in 1994, the year she was supposed to begin dialysis treatment. After her initial dose of the tonic, her creatinine and urea levels dropped noticibly, and she continued taking one bottle of Milax every 15 days. Her kidneys were functional enough for dialysis no longer to be needed, and they would probably serve her well today had the war not broke out in 1999, stopping all shipments of Milax for 78 days. Dialysis was Elena’s only remaining option, as her blood levels of creatinine and urea had instantly increased to 700 and 30.

Once the war was over, Elena continued taking Milax once a month. She claims it helps her neutralize the negative side effects of the medication she must take, and that it also protects her from seasonal flus. Today, despite having being a dialysis patient for ten years, Elena is still an active and functional woman.


Aleksandra from Belgrade (14) suffered from cytomegalovirus (CMV) and for weeks she had fevers that no standard treatment could reduce. After her first dose of Milax, the fever was gone, and after the second, her red blood cell count rose from 3,00 to 5,00.

J.K. from Kragujevac (53): "I contracted hepatitis C during dialysis in 2001, before any treatment for the disease had been discovered. At the time I was already a long-time user of Milax, which has helped me with the numerous side effects of both dyalisis and the medications I must take. In 2008, I went to Belgrade for kidney transplant, and there a RT-PCR analysis found I had 2000 hepatitis C antibodies per mililiter of blood, but no traces of the virus itself. I am confident that Milax helped me rid myself of the disease and am grateful not only to be spared the serious side effects of La Roche’s newest hep. C therapy -- which happens to last six months and cost 20,000 euros -- but also for the fact that I now have life-long protection from this disease thanks to the antibodies any chemical therapy would have destroyed."

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Mira from Valjevo (28): "Some time ago doctors found a large cyst on one of my ovaries. They recommended I have it punctured. Bracing myself for the operation, I happened to mention my problem to Mr. Krunić, who suggested I try Milax before undergoing surgery. I drank one bottle of the tonic and when I went for a pre-operational ultrasound, there was no cyst."

Đorđe Ćirković from Valjevo (7) had 17 cysts on his right kidney. His mother refused to have them punctured and instead opted to try Milax, which a friend had recommended. Đorđe took one dose of the tonic and 15 days later when for an ultrasound, although it officially takes the body at least 21 days to recover. The cystic kidney, however, was clean, and in the years that followed Đorđe never had similar troubles. He drinks Milax a few times a year to boost his immune system.


S.H. from Novi Pazar (38) had suffered from ovarian and uteral cysts for years. She had had them punctured many times, but they continued to re-form. Her periods were extremely painful and she was forced to take pain medication. After her first dose of Milax, she had strong menstrual bleeding, accompanied by pain on the first day only. Fifteen days later, she took another dose, after which the continual bleeding noticeably subsided. After another 15 days she took a third dose and the bleeding stopped entirely. A subsequent ultrasound found her uterus and ovaries to be clean, and soon after she became pregnant.


Goran S. from Kruševac (32) suffered severe hay fever every year from early spring through fall. The allergy included serious breathing difficulties and fatigue, accompanied by the usual sneezing and watery, red eyes. Doctors claimed it was severe bronchitis. After taking one dose of Milax, Goran breathing cleared. Soon after the fatigue was gone and, three months later, so was the rhinitis. Ever since, Goran has been drinking a bottle of Milax during each warm month. As a result, the allergy tha once kept him on sick leave for four months a year has been reduced to a mild, bearable condition. 


S.S. from Novi Sad suffered liver cirrhosis coupled with a 6x4,5cm cyst. He was unable to eat, vomitting every meal, and his stomach was swollen and hard. At his wife’s urging, he tried Milax. After the first dose he rose from the bed he had been tied to for some time, and asked to eat. His body accepted the food and 20 days later, and ultrasound showed that his cyst had decreased to 3x1,7x0,4 cm.