Milax: a cure for HIV

To be specific, the Milax herbal tonic doesn’t rid you body of HIV - your body does that itself.

                             What Milax does do are two crucial things that enable your body to heal:

First, it directly stimulates the production of T4 cells. These white blood cells are indispensable soldiers of the immune system, charged with cleansing you body of any toxin or pathogen that could lead to infection or illness. The T4 cells are the targets of HIV, and one of the first signs of AIDS is a depleted T4 supply.

Secondly, Milax prevents the virus itself from multiplying.

In most cases, your body will need between 120 and 180 days to replace all HIV-infected T4 cells with healthy ones. After that your health will depend on any secondary illnesses you may or may not have developed. But one thing is certain: you will be AIDS-free.

However, the tonic is not a vaccine, and any individual cured by Milax can contract HIV again.

Click to see lab results for HIV-positive Vesna R. (image 1, image 2). They show an obvious increase in T4 (aka CD4) cells from 18% to 25%, which occurred after she used Milax.

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